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Alaskans entertaining and informing visitors about the former Russian Capital of America: Sitka, Alaska


A 30-minute, dynamic performance that highlights hundreds of years of Sitka's history through dance, storytelling and video, delving deep into the time the Russians came to Alaska and made Sitka the Capital of Russian America. Exploration, tension, battles, political maneuvering, and Alaska's first steps in creating civil rights laws are covered in a unique, entertaining and insightful way, through the eyes of a live local storyteller, video and dance. Suitable for all ages. Kids under 10 are free!


Performances are mainly held at Harrigan Centennial Hall, the shuttle drop-off site and visitor center for most cruise ship visitors, and show times are set to accommodate cruise schedules.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday (and a few other random times) we perform at 207 Smith St.  Please check our website calendar for more details.  


Cynthia Gibson and Kris Wilcox


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Our Dance Director and Long-time Sitka resident Kris Wilcox had this to say about this spirited endeavor. 


When visitors come to Sitka, they may be enthralled with the beauty surrounding them.  They may discover that truly wonderful people live and work here.  But it takes a bit more time to unravel the rich interplay of the place and how the Sitka we love has been shaped by its history. 


We created Alaska Storytellers to share these stories so visitors can fall a little more deeply in love with this beautiful town and her people. 


Sitka businesswoman Cynthia Gibson is co-collaborator to the project and shared this, “A part of what makes Sitka’s past so interesting is the larger than life characters who comprise our State’s historical tapestry.  We are working hard to ensure that we are being as sensitive and as inclusive as possible with this story that naturally comes with challenging cultural hurdles.  We hope our guests leave feeling inspired and excited about some of our amazing stories.” 

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